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Beijing Olympics & Book Week 2008

wiki page!


On this wiki page, your book rap group is able to use a special password (or "invite key") to add to the matrix below:



Or, return to Rap blog Rap point 2.



 Help wanted.  Mothball Wombat, esteemed and extremely busy Editor of The Shaggy Gully Times, needs some editorial assistants. Some readers have suggested that this newspaper is funny. Mothball can't understand this accusation and needs evidence before changes are made. Can you help?  Please include an example in the table below. 


 Which ordinary words are funny?   Why are they funny? (Mothball Wombat needs to know.)
 The bears are grizzly (page 2)
  • a kind of bear
  • the bears were unhappy and whimpering (added by Mrs Keane, Ryde)
 Hot cross bun (page 28)
  • overheated angry rabbit 
  • Easter food: sweet, spicy bread roll with dried fruit, and a cross on top
  • Easter = bunny = rabbit (added by Penrith PS)


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